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Auto Insurance for Seniors - Tips for Mature Drivers

Senior auto insurance

Like many senior citizens, your car insurance bill can represent a significant portion of your household budget. So it pays to keep close tabs on what you pay. With that said, here's some quick advice to help you get a little more room in your budget without sacrificing your financial security and get affordable auto insurance for seniors.

1. Check for mature driver discounts
Senior citizens are some of the safest, most responsible and defensive drivers on the road. Many insurance companies, including 21st Century Insurance, offer special auto insurance rates for mature drivers. Depending on the state you live in, you could save as much as 5%.

2. Take a defensive driver course.
Many insurers offer a special discount on your premium for drivers who complete state-approved defensive driver courses, where applicable.

3. Drive carefully
Of course driving safely and having a claim-free insurance record is one of the best ways to save money.

4. Take a look at your car
Your insurance company will not pay more in repairs than your car is worth. So if you're driving around in an old car that's only worth a few thousand dollars, you may want to take a look at your coverage.

5. Look at your mileage
If you aren't driving to and from work, or you're no longer racking up miles driving your kids around, make sure you inform your insurer of your adjusted mileage.

You can get more information on safe driver discounts and auto insurance for seniors by visiting 21st.com.

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