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Does my 21st Century Insurance policy cover me while in Mexico?

Your policy contract does not provide any coverage for losses that occur in Mexico. If you would like temporary Mexico coverage, you must purchase the Mexico Coverage Endorsement. Please note: **MEXICAN AUTHORITIES WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THIS COVERAGE EXTENSION AND MEXICAN LIABILITY INSURANCE MUST ALSO BE PURCHASED FROM A LICENSED MEXICAN INSURANCE COMPANY.

Exception - Texas: The Texas policy contract automatically provides coverage for losses that occur in Mexico, using the same guidelines as the existing Mexico Coverage Endorsement as outlined below.

The Mexico Coverage Endorsement provides limited extension of coverage for accidents occurring in Mexico within 25 miles of the United States border while the insured is on a trip for 10 days or less.

You must purchase liability insurance through a licensed Mexico Insurance company in order for the endorsement to apply.

The endorsement only covers you while you are occupying "your covered auto"

Does not cover a citizen or resident of Mexico for any coverage except physical damages while operating "your covered auto".

This coverage is excess over any other collectible insurance.

Our duty to defend under liability coverage will only apply if original suit for damages is brought in the US and suit does not involve a Mexican citizen or resident.

Damage under your auto coverage will only be paid in the US. If the vehicle cannot be driven, we will not pay more than the ACV of such loss at the nearest US port where repairs can be made.


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