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Road Trip Round Up: Five Road-Trip

Road Trip Essentials

Summer is around the corner and that means summer travel and road trips. In preparing to set out on your ventures, you want to have all the necessary items in case of car trouble or an emergency. Here are five road trip essentials to take along for a safe and fun road trip.

  • Safety Kit - No matter where you’re going, a safety kit—containing basic auto repair tools, first aid, batteries and a flash light—is an essential for any trip beyond your town or city limits.

  • One Very Important Number - If the unexpected occurs, don’t even think of passing up roadside assistance because of the cost. 21st Century offers 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra cost. Just program the number, (800) 439-5587, in your phone and bring along your insurance card.

  • Nourishment - Skip fast food in favor of bite-sized, high-nutrition snacks like trail mix and dried fruit. And remember: Sodas will give you a momentary sugar rush, but the subsequent crash will put a strain on long-distance drives, so stick with water.

  • GPS - An essential for any distance travel, but it’s not foolproof. Read your manual from cover to cover, program your destination before you leave and don’t take its instructions as gospel. In short, don’t toss your maps.

Road trips are a great way to spend time with your family and see the country. Be sure to take these road trip essentials along and enjoy the open road!

Get an auto insurance quote and ask about 21st’s 24-hour roadside assistance.

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