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Time Saving Tips that Save you Money

Saving You Time and Money

In this challenging economy, 21st Century Insurance understands the importance of saving money.

So we are committed to getting you the same great coverage for less by helping our customers save an average of $522* on their auto insurance.

In addition to saving you money on auto insurance, there are other ways you can save time and money that will make a positive impact on your life. Might we suggest a few ideas that could make some quick, positive changes to your wallet:

  • Automatic payments:Setting up direct debit and automatic payments for your bills not only saves you time and postage but will eliminate pesky late fees should you forget to pay. Also, many companies offer incentives when you enroll in auto-pay programs.

    Enroll in 21st AutoPay program at 21st.com and you can pay your bill easily and automatically

  • Online Budget Sites: Sites like Mint.com are time savers and life savers. By securely accessing your financial information they set up easy to maintain budgets, categorize your spending and provide you tips and ways to save on everything from your car insurance to your mortgage.

  • Go Paperless: The world is going green and eliminating the pile of mail is the first step. Sign up for paperless billing and get email alerts for when payments are due.

    Go paperless with the 21st Century Paperless Delivery program, and not only will you save money and reduce paper, but you could get rewarded through the Go Green Paperless Discount program.Learn more.

By making small changes you can free up much needed time and money. Want to save more? Get an auto quote with 21st Century in as little as 7 minutes.

*National average annual savings developed from information provided by new policyholders from 7/01/12 - 06/30/13 that shows they saved by switching to 21st Century Insurance.

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