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In Touch With 21st - February 2014

5 Apps to get you organized

5 Apps to help you get organized

When it comes to getting organized, many of us can use a little help. Here we’ve collected 5 apps that do just that: help get you organized, keep track of time, and even to stay focused when you are performing tasks that require mental concentration.

EasilyDo (Android, iPhone) EasilyDo is a virtual personal assistant. The app anticipates users’ daily tasks and offers to execute them on their behalf. EasilyDo proactively organizes contacts, reminds you of birthdays, checks traffic, keeps track of airline boarding passes, notifies you about bad weather, and even tracks packages.

Evernote (Android, iPhone and on desktops) Sync all your notes, clippings, to-do lists and reminders across devices with Evernote. This free app conserves time and energy by saving all your files, photos, reminders, to-do lists, tweets and more in one app accessible from all your platforms. Email notes to yourself or others, and search within notes for easy access to any information.

RescueTime (Android, iPhone and on desktops) You’ve put in a long, hard day of work, yet when you glance at your to-do list, not a single thing has been checked off. Where did the day go? RescueTime can help. This app runs in the background on your computer and mobile devices, tracking time spent on applications, specific websites, calls, etc. and gives detailed reports on where your time was spent. You can create website block lists, track productivity scores and set up alerts.

focus@will (Android, iPhone and on desktops) The focus@will app streams music that is intended to boost your concentration. Based on how music influences motivation, playlists are designed so they don't distract, with songs chosen to help you focus, concentrate, and get into the flow of working.

21st Century Insurance (Android, iPhone) The 21st Century Insurance app is more than just a tool to manage your policy. You can call for roadside assistance, locate nearby hospitals, gas stations and restaurants, as well as other amenities such as hotels, car rentals or even entertainment — all based on your location. After downloading the app, register at 21st.com to take full advantage of its features.

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Sources: citeworld.com; appolicious.com

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