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January 2010

21st Century Security Advantage Provides Peace of Mind

We will not leave you stranded... 21st Century Security Advantage is there for you! That's why, at 21st Century Insurance, our customers are automatically enrolled in the exclusive 21st Century Security Advantage Program.

21st Century Security Advantage provides three great benefits, at no additional cost:

24-Hour Roadside Assistance
Call the 800 number located on your card (1-800-439-5587) as soon as you need Roadside Assistance and we will have a provider dispatched to you. You now have towing, lock-out service, and much more available to you 24-hours a day for each car you insure with 21st Century Insurance!

Identity Theft Restoration Service*
A personal care manager is available should your identity be stolen. You can also call for an Identity Theft Restoration Kit if you suspect you've been victimized or call for tips to help prevent identity theft.

* Identity Theft Restoration Service is not available in NY.

24-Hour Travel and Medical Assistance
Travel and Medical Assistance is available for you whenever you travel anywhere in the United States and Canada. We can help you with last minute hotel reservations, car rentals or airline reservations. In a medical emergency, you can call to take advantage of our free referral service. Just remember to call the 21st Century Security Advantage Hotline at 1-800-439-5587 to take advantage of this exclusive service as an 21st Century Insurance policyholder.

Here's a Tip:
Program the 21st Century Security Advantage phone number (1-800-439-5587) in your cell phone(s). You'll have quick access to it!

Please call as soon as you need help so we can dispatch an authorized tow truck or service vehicle. Every covered vehicle on your policy is automatically protected with the full benefits of this program. At 21st Century Insurance, our customers are our top priority and we strive to exceed your expectations. We know you have choices when it comes to insurance providers, and appreciate you choosing 21st Century Insurance.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance - Terms and Conditions

  • Service provided by and/or through Cross County Motor Club, Inc. (Medford, MA 02155), except in AK, CA, HI, WI, and WY where services are provided by and/ or through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc. (Medford, MA 02155).

  • Service applies to licensed four-wheel private passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans, trailers, recreational vehicles and motorhomes listed on your 21st Century Auto Policy at the time of disablement (or purchased by you in the prior 30 days which will be listed on your 21st Century Auto Policy). Service also applies to trailers that are not listed on your auto policy while being towed by a vehicle listed on your 21st Century Auto Policy.

  • Service does not apply to motorcycles, or "stored" vehicles.

  • Service limited to five service calls per vehicle per calendar year.

  • Service applies to labor only. Parts (tires, batteries, belts, etc.) and gasoline are not included.

  • Coverage is provided for up to $75 ($80 in TX, $100 in NC) in roadside services.

  • Accidents are not covered.

  • Although every attempt will be made to provide prompt Roadside Assistance at any time of day and in any location in the U.S. and Canada, Security Advantage cannot guarantee 100% service within a specified time frame in all circumstances.

Identity Theft Restoration Service- Terms and Conditions

  • Services provided by Travel Guard Assist.

  • Some services may be provided through approved affiliated providers.

  • Restoration services are provided to covered individuals who first discover a stolen identity event during the auto insurance policy term and report it to us within 90 days of first discovery.

  • An identity theft event caused by an immediate family member is excluded from the Restoration.

  • *Identity Theft Restoration Service is not available in NY.

24-Hour Travel and Medical Assistance- Terms and Conditions

  • Services provided by Travel Guard Assist.

  • Services are provided at no additional charge. However, additional out-ofpocket expenses (medical, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the policyholder.

  • Some services may be provided through approved affiliated providers. In all cases, the medical or legal professional suggested by the company shall act in a medical or legal capacity on behalf of the customer, and not the company. The company assumes no responsibility for any medical advice or legal counsel given by the medical or legal professional. The policyholder shall not have any recourse to the company by reason of its suggestion of a medical or legal professional or due to any resulting medical, legal or other determination.

  • Travel Guard Assist adheres to current Privacy & HIPAA guidelines and will provide a Notice of Privacy Practices upon request.

You will be notified if these services are discontinued or modified.

Call this toll-free number,
you will have direct access to these services,
at no additional cost to you!

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