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January 2010

Our First Mobile Site for iPhones - Tweet2Ride!

You may be aware of some of the exciting new projects that 21st Century Insurance is working on - like redesigning our online auto policy quote and signup process.

We are committed to providing best-in-class experiences and to becoming a technology leader in our industry.

One of the most exciting opportunities to innovate with technology is with mobile applications that people can use on their phones. We all know how much each of us relies on our phone. To that end, we have some great news that we want to share with you. 21st Century just completed a mobile website for iPhone users that launched at the end of 2009.

The name of the new app is called Tweet2Ride.

  • You might be a college student who wants an escort from a friend's home or from the library.

  • You might be a parent who commutes downtown, and all of the buses are running late.

  • You might be out on the town celebrating with friends and want to be sure you play it safe.

From your iPhone:

  • Visit www.tweet2ride.com

  • Logon to Twitter

  • Pick your friends and tell them when you need a ride. You can even show them where you are on a map.

We are delighted to share this exciting news and now would like to ask for your help. Tweet2Ride has a Facebook page that describes it and drives iPhone users to the mobile site. We would appreciate it if you visited the Facebook page and became a "fan" of this very important milestone in 21st Century's mobile era.

If you are not able to access Facebook from work, please make sure to check it out from home or from your mobile device and help show the Facebook world how many "fans" we have!

Thank you for your support - and please stay tuned for more exciting programs and services that will release in the future.

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