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January 2013

Make 2013 the Year You Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has them: a list of things you've always wanted to do but have yet to complete (or even start in some cases).

Make 2013 the Year You Achieve Your Goals

The process seems simple enough: after you determine your goal, you find a routine that encourages you to get started, and then build off of the initial momentum to help keep you motivated. And yet there still are all of these unresolved goals... Read on to see how we break down the process to help you be successful.

How to get started on reaching your goals

Determining your goal(s) is the first step in the process. It's the same for everyone, whether you want to get in better shape, start a business, volunteer in the community, get organized or save money. You have to establish an end result to work towards. Once you're ready to start - you've got the motivation and are willing to make the sacrifices needed - here's what you'll need:

  • A pen and notebook.

  • The support of friends and family to help keep you motivated.

  • A goal monitoring/tracking app that allows you to record your goals (and publicly share if you choose to).

The next step is to write down your goals, it has been proven over time that once goals are written down they become much more tangible. After establishing the goal, there are some factors to take into account: is it realistic (attainable), is the goal something you actually want to achieve and not just something someone told you should, and is it measurable? Once these questions are addressed, the next step is to create a timeline. Establish a date on which you would like to accomplish your goal, and then break down the steps that need to be achieved in order to attain your goal week-by- week. Once these are written down, two additional, powerful motivators come into play: technology and your support system.

Technology, your friends and family: two powerful resources

There are numerous resources available when it comes to achieving a goal; be it financial, productivity or health-related. Some great apps we found include Lifetick for getting started on your goal setting, Remember the Milk for being more productive, Mint for keeping track of your finances, livifi for your health or smartplanet, which is designed turn your goals into habits. There are literally hundreds to choose from.

Reporting your progress to friends and family will also serve as a motivator. With a support network established it's easier to stay on track, so begin letting friends and family know what you are looking to accomplish. You will often find that they will be very supportive, and may even join you if the goal is something they are hoping to achieve as well.

It's up to you

Once the foundation has been laid out, it is now up to you to execute the plan. Getting started is often the hardest part of achieving your goal, but there may be additional challenges along the way. For example, there will be times where things don't go as planned or results don't happen as quickly as you would like. Don't give up, however. When these situations occur the best thing to do is to take a break for a day or two. Often, a short break or a different perspective can be enough to recharge your desire to keep working towards your goal.

Thinking about goals you would like to achieve is easy enough to do, but making necessary life changes and developing new habits can be tough. Many slip back into the same bad habits that they were hoping to break before they actually achieve their goal, especially after the initial rush of making life changes wears off. One thing to remember, however, is that anything worthwhile is worth working for, so keep at it.

Note: This information only serves as an educational guideline and is not to be taken as advice. 21st Century Insurance is not responsible for any injury or loss that may occur due to use of this information.

Sources: lifetick.com; rememberthemilk.com; livifi.com; mint.com; smartplanet.com; forbes.com; lifehack.org

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