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In Touch With 21st - July 2013

5 cool car-related apps

5 cool car-related apps

Technology is great: using your smartphone you can contact your friends, stay connected to the world, or even simply while away an hour playing the latest and greatest time-wasting app. While it can be great fun to use your smartphone to play Angry Birds or Temple Run, it can also be a valuable resource: whether how to get to a destination, avoid an accident, when to get your car serviced or even finding a parking lot in a busy or unfamiliar city. Read on to see some great automotive apps designed to make your life a little easier.

Scout iPhone and Android

Scout is a free, full-featured GPS app that gives users real-time traffic updates for their daily commute, as well as guidance on the best time to leave with traffic-based drive times. It includes map-assisted turn-by- turn directions (but no voice navigation), with an extensive points of interest database that includes a variety of suggestions ranging from restaurants to gas stations to ATMs. Who wouldn’t want personalized GPS navigation and traffic updates?

iOnRoad iPhone and Android

If you don’t have a car equipped with anti-collision features check out iOnRoad. This app uses your smartphone’s camera and sensors to recognize traffic ahead and warn you of potential accidents. With the phone placed on a mount, the app monitors your headway distance and warns of traffic hazards, such as when you are too close or when cars in front of you switch lanes. iOnRoad also has a car-optimized interface so you can see your current speed and weather conditions, as well as access your music library and contacts.

Find My Car (iPhone) / Parkdroid (Android)

Find My Car is an iPhone app designed for the car, when you're out of the car. Using GPS location technology, this app shows you where you parked. A cool new feature lets you search for your car with the help of the phone's camera. For Android users, Parkdroid has similar features.

Car Minder Plus (iPhone) / aCar (Android)

Car Minder Plus stands out by featuring all the essentials, including logging repairs, tracking your fuel economy and keeping the maintenance records of multiple vehicles. Icons along the screen's bottom include repairs (where you can note how much that new fuel pump cost, for example) and a convenient gas log that gives you dashboard-like views displaying miles-per-gallon stats.

The aCar app for Android is great for tracking basic car maintenance. aCar lets users keep track of fill-ups and repairs, calculate mileage and fuel economy, and separate business miles from personal miles. The app will also remind you when service is due and it can manage multiple cars at once.

Parkopedia iPhone and Android

Looking for parking can be a problem, especially in a busy or unfamiliar city. Parkopedia aims to help you find a parking space when you need it. You can use your current location, or enter in an address before you head out the door. Using its crowd-sourced database, Parkopedia will then list and direct you to all available parking spots in the area, including information regarding rates, availability, and hours of operation. Better yet, the app currently contains over 25 million logged parking spaces in 40 countries.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the 21st Century App for iPhone and Android you should do so. In addition to being able to contact 21st Roadside Assistance, it has some great features to help you manage your 21st policy, report a claim or even find a restaurant, gas station or hotel.

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