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In Touch With 21st - September 2015

Travel apps and sites to help you enjoy the trip

Travel apps and sites enjoy trip

With continuous advancements and improvements in technology, our ability to travel has continually improved as well. In addition to new apps and travel sites, there are many that have been around and their reputation, data and information have been well-established, leading to more information available to you. Here are some of our favorites that we’ve found to help you on your next trip.

Road tripping

When traveling by car you’ll want directions, traffic updates and to know what is coming up on your journey. iExit is an app that lets you know what services are available for a given exit on U.S. highways, making the decision to stop or keep moving easier. Roadtrippers is another excellent app when traveling by car. In addition to standard maps, Roadtrippers finds unique American roadside attractions as well as restaurants and other services along or near your route.

Need a map?

One issue you may face when traveling is that many mapping apps can use up a large amount of data. Maps.Me helps solve that. This map app saves you data by keeping maps offline, and also has more accurate and detailed maps for less-visited locations. Great for people who like more out of the way traveling.

Taking flight

To save money on your next trip by plane, check out Google Flights and SkyScanner. They are great resources when comparing/researching flights and associated costs.

Looking for a hotel?

Researching hotels is something that many travelers have to do, no matter how they are traveling. Sites such as Orbitz, Expedia and TripAdvisor have extensive hotel reviews for you to consider before booking.

Start your trip prepared

It’s a good idea to have a few travel apps installed on your phone before you get started on your trip. Wherever and however you choose to travel, you don’t want to end up stuck somewhere because you are lost or cannot locate required information for your trip. Hopefully these apps make your next trip a little easier and more enjoyable.

Please note: This information is of a general nature for educational purposes only. It must not be taken as advice and does not signify an endorsement. 21st Century Insurance is not responsible for any injuries or loss incurred.

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