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Turn it Up: 3 Ways to Enjoy Music for the

Enjoying Music While Driving on Road Trips

These days, our digital music collections might be more advanced than our car stereo systems — particularly if your vehicle was built before 2005. But you can't let that stop you from enjoying tunes on the road. Whether you're more inclined toward The Dead's deepest cuts, Justin's latest hit or Pearl Jam's b-sides, we have an option for every budget.

Cheap 'n' Easy

An MP3 cassette player adapter works with any device that has a headphone jack. Plug your MP3 player into the adapter, insert the cassette into the stereo deck and start jamming.

Moderately Priced, Potentially Persnickety

Plug an MP3 FM transmitter into your iPod®, find an FM radio station that has nearly pure static and tune the transmitter to the frequency you've selected. The middleman uses that frequency to broadcast your MP3s, and assuming it doesn't start to pick up another station as you drive, you'll get a pretty clear soundtrack. These transmitters can really suck your MP3 player's battery, so look for models with a cable that can charge your device from your car, too.

Higher Cost, Higher Quality

If sound quality is your priority, consider installing an auxiliary input into your car stereo or buying a new stereo with an auxiliary input ready to go. Talk to your mechanic about what'll work in your car. If you're in the mood for a DIY fix, you'll need a soldering iron, a screwdriver, an earphone jack and cable, and a 12-volt power source to retrofit your existing stereo with the proper cable.

Music is the perfect complement to your summer road trip. Take the proper precautions for ensure safe driving and make sure your tunes are not a distraction. Read our tips on distracted driving and get a free auto insurance quote with 21st Century Insurance.

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