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Parking Lot Accidents

Holiday shopping can be an exciting experience for the entire family. Whether it's the chance for the little (or not so little) ones to visit Santa’s workshop, watching the excitement in children's eyes as they window shop or simply doing some people watching, visiting malls and shopping centers during the holiday season can be great fun.

Getting to and from the mall can be another story. With the added traffic, over-excited children distracting drivers and increased numbers of shoppers trying to beat deadlines, the journey can be an adventure. With a little foresight and patience it doesn't have to be, however. To make sure you enjoy the holiday season while staying safe, 21st Century Insurance has some advice on how to prepare for a holiday shopping trip and avoid parking lot accidents.

Tips from 21st Century on How to Stay Safe While Shopping

When parking lots become crowded with people rushing to finish their holiday shopping, there are a few steps you can take to avoid dents, dings and other holiday accidents. Check out these tips for parking lot safety before you start your holiday shopping.

  • Do not text or talk on the phone while looking for a space to park. While it can be tempting to multi-task while looking for a place to park, don't. It unnecessarily increases the risk of a parking lot accident, whether with another vehicle or even worse, a pedestrian.

  • Start shopping earlier in the season. This helps you avoid the last-minute rush, when many holiday accidents occur. Also consider shopping online, so you can spend your time going to festive events, rather than the mall. An added bonus is that many stores offer free shipping around the holidays, so save the stress and fuel and order from home.

  • Consider taking time off from work to shop. Doing so lets you get your shopping done during less busy hours. This may not only reduce the likelihood of an accident, but will also reduce your holiday season stress levels. There is a better chance that 10 a.m. Tuesday morning will be less busy than 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

  • Find more walkable shopping areas. Seek out shopping areas where you can park your car and walk to various shops. Doing this allows you to get more shopping done in a single trip compared to driving from shop to shop and also reduces the number of times you have to look for a parking spot. Speaking of which…

  • Don't argue over a parking space. This is where patience helps. Don't race across a parking lot to get an open space. Parking lots are filled with pedestrians crossing in between cars randomly, as well as other cars backing out. Also, should you arrive at a space and another person tries to pull in, even if you were there first, it's not worth the added stress of an argument. Allow the other driver to take the space, and look for another.

Also, make sure to prepare your car for winter by making sure its battery and coolant systems are in good working order.

21st Century Insurance believes staying safe on the road is important whether it's the holiday season or any other time of the year. See how much you could be saving by switching to 21st Century. Get a free car insurance quote from today.

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