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How do I obtain replacement insurance ID cards?

Insurance ID cards are included for each insured vehicle with each 6-month new business policy and policy renewal package sent to you in the mail. A new ID card will automatically be sent to you for each new vehicle you add to your policy. If you buy a new or used car, the dealership will require proof of auto insurance before you leave the lot. In most states, you can use a current declarations page or ID card for another vehicle as valid proof of insurance for a minimum of 14 days until you receive your ID card in the mail.

If you need replacement ID cards sooner, you may request them online by logging in to your policy at our policyholder service site. The ID card will be mailed to you via postal mail or faxed to you within one business day. You can also call our customer service number and request them via our automated telephone process or speak with a customer service representative.

Special Notice to New Jersey and Delaware policyholders - Due to specific state requirements, we are unable to fax ID cards. Requests for ID cards in these states will be sent via postal mail only.

Special Notice to New York policyholders - The State of New York specifically requires an ID card listing the new vehicle, rather than a current declarations page, for newly purchased vehicles to verify coverage. In New York, the Identification Card must match the vehicle registration EXACTLY. If the name and address on your policy does not match your vehicle registration, please call customer service to request your ID card. Thank you.


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