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Life changes: How it affects your existing car insurance policy

Car Insurance Policy Changes

Life changes constantly and when life changes, many times, your auto insurance coverage should change along with it.

Knowing how to adapt your auto insurance to your ever-changing needs whether it is car insurance for children or a new marriage we'll keep you one step ahead of the game of life.

Getting married

Perhaps you're getting married congratulations! When wedding bells are in the air, there are many insurance considerations you should take into account. For starters, you may save money if you and your spouse are on the same policy, , and many companies offer multi-car discounts if you and your newlywed insure your vehicles on the same policy. Take the time to compare your options and look at different auto insurance quotes to ensure you're getting the best policy.

Getting behind the wheel: Adding a teen driver

Once your child is old enough to start driving, he or she will need car insurance coverage. This can be a particularly tricky endeavor, since teen drivers can be a bigger risk behind the wheel. You'll want to consider adding your teen driver to your own policy, but if the premiums seem too high, you may be able to get a separate policy for him or her. After all, driving is a new responsibility, and this can be a good time to give your child a valuable lesson in how to manage his or her own auto insurance policy.

Also, parents can take advantage of certain discounts available for teen drivers, including discounts for teens that have taken a safe driver course, maintain good grades, or drive a safe car.

Splitting up: Changing your policy

Of course, there are less happy situations when things change and it's time to review your auto insurance. For instance, divorced couples often have to decide when to adjust their policy. Most companies are aware of the delicate nature of these scenarios, and they may offer to write a separate policy for one or both parties.

Additionally, policyholders can avoid confusion and frustration by keeping an open line of communication with their car insurance company and the other person on the policy.

Aging gracefully: Safe driving for seniors

Finally, growing old is a life change itself and, it too, might call for a change in your auto insurance policy. Like teenagers, there are steps you should take to keep costs manageable. Attending a safe driving course may be a good way to keep you sharp behind the wheel and obtain a discount. In addition, if you are driving an older car, you may want to consider dropping your collision coverage. This can result in immediate savings.

For every stage in your life and car insurance policy, 21st Century Insurance is here to help you through the change from getting affordable auto insurance to providing tips for drivers.

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