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What billing methods does 21st Century Insurance offer?

The bill generates and is mailed directly to the customer's address shown on the system - there are two (2) Direct Bill Methods - Full Pay and Monthly Direct Bill.

Full Pay

At the start of the policy (or renewal) the premium is paid in full or 50% of the premium is paid and the remaining balance is billed directly to the customer. The remaining balance is billed in full (the bill generates within 2 days of the posted payment), due sixty (60) days from the effective date (or renewal) of the policy, along with a $4.00 service fee.

Monthly Direct Bill

The installments are due in our office, on the same day of each and every month (which is the expiration day of the policy, unless the day is the 29th, 30th or 31st which default to the 28th of the month). We also charge an installment fee of $4.00 on each installment.


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