Rewarding Good friends Program - 21st Century Insurance
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(Effective 12/01/2011)

1. The Rewarding Good Friend (RGF) Program* only applies to a current and active California policyholder of the 21st Century Insurance Company or 21st Century Casualty Company, who is not insured under the state-mandated assigned risk or low cost automobile programs ("Eligible Policyholder"). Motorcycle policyholders and Infinity Insurance Company policyholders are not eligible.

2. Eligible California policyholders of 21st Century Insurance Company or 21st Century Casualty Insurance Company can refer friends and family members who live in California and receive a $50 prepaid AMEX Card when their referral becomes a new auto policyholder of 21st Century Insurance Company or 21st Century Casualty Insurance Company provided the new policyholder has not been insured with either company during the 200 days prior to their policy effective date and they have been an active policyholder for at least 60 days.

3. New Policy referrals and eligible referrer policies must both be active and inforce upon completion of the required 60 day eligibility period.

4. The maximum value of prepaid AMEX cards that will be awarded to eligible Policyholders residing in California is $400 per policy per calendar year.

5. New policyholder referrals are subject to verification. New policyholders must provide the Eligible Policyholders name, address, and telephone number at the time of the quote.

6. 21st Century shall make all good faith efforts to match the information provided at the time of the quote against its database of Eligible Policyholders.

7. 21st Century shall not be held responsible for lost or stolen prepaid AMEX cards.

8. This promotion is subject to applicable federal and state regulations and laws.

9. Company employees are not eligible to participate.

*Provided through Customer Solutions Insurance Agency, License #0G26042, 1355 South Colorado Blvd C-510, Denver CO. For additional questions, please call 1-800-442-4302.