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Colorado, the "Centennial State," boasts a stunning and wild landscape made from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the desert sands of the Colorado Plateau, the sweeping grasslands of the Great Plains, and the busy nightlife of its big cities. Whether you spend your time snowboarding down the Rocky Mountains, or enjoying city life in Denver or Colorado Springs, it's likely you're looking to save money, and 21st Century Insurance may be able to help.

When you get a Colorado car insurance quote from 21st Century, you may find you're eligible for one of many car insurance discounts that could save you money.

Colorado Car Insurance Quote and Discounts from 21st

21st Century offers a variety of car insurance discounts that fit all types of age groups and lifestyles.

If you have car insurance with another company and are looking to switch, 21st offers a transfer discount that can get your savings started right away. And, if you purchase your policy 7-days or more before your current policy expires, you can save through 21st Century's early shopping discount. Additionally, you can take advantage of the claims free renewal discount if you have been continuously insured with 21st Century for at least 6 months, free of accidents and major moving violations.

If you are a Coloradan that has more than one car you may be eligible for 21st's multi-car discount. Just insure more than one car with 21st Century to qualify for the discount. Also, if your car is a year or older, you may be able to save through 21st's one-term new car credit discount.

Drivers who own a car that uses an alternative fuel source may be eligible for a discount through 21st Century. If your car runs on any of these alternative fuel sources, it's considered eligible for the discount.

  • Electric and gas hybrid

  • Electric

  • Ethanol fuel only

  • Methanol gas only

  • Compressed natural gas

  • Propane

21st Century also offers discounts to policyholders who hold additional Farmers insurance policies. If you insure your home with Farmers and car through 21st, you qualify for 21st Century's auto-homeowner discount. Individuals who have renters insurance through Farmers and car insurance through 21st are also eligible for a discount. And, if you have a Farmers life insurance policy and a 21st Century car insurance policy, you too are eligible for a discount.

Additionally, if you have a specialty insurance policy through Foremost and car insurance from 21st, you too are eligible for a discount.

If you're a senior Coloradan, you can also save with 21st Century car insurance discounts. Through our mature driver discount, drivers 55 years or older can save on their insurance coverage. In order to qualify, drivers must complete a state-recognized defensive driving course. Coloradans who are retired, or still working, may be eligible for 21st Century's group discount. Check with a 21st representative to see if your occupation or employer qualifies.

There are also 21st Century car insurance discounts available for younger Coloradans that will help them save significantly.

  • Good Student Discount: For students under the age of 25, who maintain a "B" grade or better

  • Driver Training Discount: For drivers under the age of 21, who complete a driver training course

  • Teen Driver Discount: For drivers under the age of 19 who are the child or grand-child of a primary insured individual who has had their policy in force for two years

If you have a car equipped with additional safety measures, 21st Century will reward you with various discounts. If your car has any of these features, it may be eligible for a discount.

  • Air bags

  • Automatic seat belts

  • An anti-theft system

  • An anti-lock braking system

If you're looking for affordable auto insurance in Colorado, 21st may be the perfect insurance company for you. 21st offers the same great coverage for less in Colorado with discounts that may help you save money.

And don't worry, if you're already a 21st customer, you may already be saving money with one of these discounts. But if you think you're missing out check your policy details at 21st.com or speak with a representative.

Get a Colorado auto insurance quote from 21st Century and see what car insurance discounts are available for you today.

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