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April 2011


Here’s a distracting thought – last year, the National Safety Council stated that 1.6 million accidents were the result of “distracted driving.”

Distracted Driving Prevention

And, if you think distracted driving is just another term for what teens do when they use their cell phones behind the wheel, you are, BTW, so wrong.

It’s a dangerous habit that both adults and kids are guilty of, and it takes three forms: manual, cognitive and visual. Fiddling with your GPS, disciplining your passengers, eyeing the gorgeous Austin Healey 3000 in the lane next to you – it all counts.

Distracted driving is anything that takes attention away from operating the 6,000-pound vehicle in your hands. So, before you give those texting kids a hard time, think about all the ways you may be falling prey to this bad behavior. Then, make sure your focus stays on the road.

Make the pledge to drive right: Commit to never text and drive at nophonezone.com.

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