Time Saving Tips: 5 Tips to Save Time at

Everyone is looking to find more time, especially when it comes to getting your day started and taking care of your home. Whether it's rising early, having a steady routine or making prepackaged meals, 21st Century Insurance wants to help you save time at home and make your day smoother.

Here are five time-saving tips to help make the home routine more efficient:

  • Forget the snooze button. Banish it. Those short bursts of shut-eye are not restorative rest and don't actually benefit you. Take time in the morning to equip yourself (with a confidence-inspiring ensemble, nutritional breakfast and to-do list for example), and you'll experience a cascade of benefits.

  • To further relieve the morning rush, train yourself to always leave your V.I.I. - Very Important Items - in the same place every evening. This goes for keys, your purse and sunglasses-whatever you need to get out the door each day. Create your go-to bowl on a small table by the door, where everything gets tossed, every day.

  • Start by assigning one day each week to put together a five- or seven-day menu. Decide when you'll eat what (which eliminates the nagging "What's for dinner?" question). When you head out to stock up on groceries, organize your list by the layout of the store to avoid retracing your footsteps for that soy sauce you forgot to grab.

  • Making a weekly, well-planned trip to the store can save you from hitting the market every day after work. You'll get home, knowing what you're about to cook and you'll save time at home in the kitchen. Throw the leftovers in single-serving Tupperware ® containers and then into the fridge or the freezer. Voila! You'll have a few lunches or even last-minute dinners on hand for the coming week.

  • If you only make one change to your kitchen routine, add a crock pot to your repertoire. Combine ingredients before you head out for the day (build in at least 20 minutes to do so), and you'll come home after a long day to the fragrance of a perfect pot of soup or a delicious chicken dish. It's the ultimate in time saving cooking.

21st Century is committed to bringing you the same great coverage for less, and saving you time and money. Get an online auto insurance quote in less than 7 minutes and start your time savings now.

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