Before you buy a New Car – Insurance Rates
& Policy Needed…

Purchasing a used or new car can be a very exciting experience. Before you buy a new car, insurance or you jump to any purchase decisions take a few steps to make sure you are prepared with regard to your new car insurance needs:

If you are purchasing a used or new car, you need auto insurance ...

  1. Call or get an online auto insurance quote. You can do this for multiple models if you are not exactly sure of what vehicle you want. This will inform you which models could raise or lower your insurance costs. Also, make sure to include any safety features to see how it could save you.
  2. If you do not already have car insurance, you should speak to a 21st Century Insurance representative on how to buy auto insurance.
  3. After you've found the car that best suits your needs, you will need to give the salesperson your insurance information to prove that you have, or will have, insurance for the vehicle. A 21st Century representative will be able to fax or email proof of insurance over to the salesperson.

All that is left is to go out and enjoy your brand new car.

It's easy to get a free auto insurance quote and even buy a policy if you like what you see  all online at

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