Teen Talk: 7 Non-Negotiables for your Teen

With school vacation upon us, now is a good time to sit down with your teen driver and create a safe driving contract. Spell out your expectations clearly so there's no ambiguity and ask all parties to sign the agreement. Teen driver safety is important and talking with your teen will help keep your teen safe.

Here are our top seven non-negotiable conditions:

  • Hands Off. Absolutely no texting while driving.

  • Off Limits. If there are neighborhoods or roads you want your teen to steer clear from, be specific about the boundaries.

  • Take Action. Make sure your teen knows what to do in case of common car-related emergencies like a flat tire, running out of gas or a dead battery.

  • Do the Math. Your car should never have more passengers than seat belts.

  • Pay Your Way. If you want your child to contribute to gas costs, specify the amount and schedule of payment.

  • No Questions Asked. Make a pact that if your teen ever feels unfit to drive, you'll pick him or her up without demanding an explanation.

  • A Privilege, Not a Right. If you intend to reserve the right to relinquish driving privileges for any reason - a drop in grades, missing curfew, a mysterious dent in the fender - lay out the rules early, and stick to them.

Making sure your teen is clear on the driving rules will ensure his or her safety and your peace of mind.

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