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Time Saving Tips: Spend more Time Doing
What you Love

Time Saving Tips

As our workloads at the office and at home continue to increase, finding the time to spend with our families play with our kids, or just enjoying some leisure time is no easy feat. But it's not impossible. Take a couple of minutes to read and apply these next steps, and you could carve out up to an extra 80 minutes a month to spend doing things you love.

1.Combine work and personal tasks into one calendar
A simple way to streamline all aspects of your life is to combine them in one calendar. Maintain one organized planner that pulls together multiple aspects of your life and you'll forget what it felt like to be worried you were forgetting something.

2. Buy greeting cards in bulk
Well maybe not in bulk, but at the end of each month look ahead and if you have three birthdays and your in-laws' anniversary in the weeks ahead, stock up on correspondence for the month. Purchase a few cards you need, plus a few that may come unannounced.

3. Just Say No
When it comes to events and gatherings, set your default to "no". Make exceptions when it's a get-together you're honestly excited about. Tell yourself now that it's OK to say no and you'll be more pleased when it comes time to really celebrate.

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