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How to Prevent Brush Fires

Brush fires are increasing throughout California. To help prevent the chance of wildfires starting, homeowners should know how to prevent a brush fire. Often, brush fires occur from human activity such as igniting objects, flicking cigarette butts, the misuse of flammable products, or equipment malfunctions.

You can act around your home to help keep you, your place, vehicles, and belongings safe by creating defensible space around your home and being prepared to evacuate when the authorities say it’s time.

Making your home a defensible space

To ensure that you’re better prepared in the case of a wildfire, it’s essential that you keep your property clear of dead trees, debris, and vegetation about 100 ft away from your home. Embers during a wildfire can travel and land into flammable areas, which ultimately causes the spread of fires throughout California.

By creating defensible space zones, this will make an easy path for you and your family to evacuate and for firefighters to have space to control the fire. There are zones to keep in mind when making your home safe from potential brush fires:

Zone 1 (5-30 feet)

  • Make clear of all dead grass and plants

  • Remove fallen branches, leaves, and other tree debris

  • Remove vegetation or any plants that can cause a fire

  • Make space between outdoor furniture and surrounding trees, plants

Zone 2 (30-100 feet)

  • Make sure your grass length is to a maximum of 4 inches

  • Clear fallen debris of trees around the area

  • Make vertical and horizontal spacing between trees

Fire departments across the state of California urge residents to comply with brush clearance so that the chances of a fire are decreased. Annual inspections throughout the year will take place and residents who do not adhere to the brush clearance are subject to fines. Check with your local fire department to see their rules and regulations for a better idea on what is required in your area.

Evacuation plan

It is always best to create a plan in case of a fire near your home. Take into consideration the tips above and check out our guide on what to do in case a wildfire appears in your proximity.

Your family’s lives are most important and you should leave if the authorities recommend or require you to do so, or if you feel the need before they arrive.

If you must leave a vehicle behind to get out safely, comprehensive coverage could cover your vehicle if it is damaged by the fire. If you have comprehensive coverage, let it be a little peace of mind that 21st Century will take care of your car if it is caught in the wildfire. Log in to your policy today to see if you have this coverage.